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Hi, I'm Dr. Diane England, a licensed clinical social worker and self-help author. The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy was designated as one of the "BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR" by the Library Journal when it was released in 2009.

I must admit that I was passionate about my subject matter and indeed, I put a great deal of hard work into that book. But nonetheless, I also learned why the novelist, Stephen King, has long sung the praises of editors. After all, I don't think the book would have received the recognition it did without some of the editors' suggestions which I incorporated--in one case with immense struggle, I must say.

Not surprisingly, I have a website related to that book, PTSD Relationship.

I also have two other websites which deal with behavioral health issues detrimental to relationships. One of the mental health disorders is more apt to be seen in men, and hence, I address that site to women even though some men would probably find it helpful. The website is about narcissism, addictions and abuse because it isn't uncommon for these problems to occur together.

The third website will also likely most appeal women--particularly those women who've found themselves in relationships with abusive and addicted men displaying pathological levels of narcissism. But then, these women may have been attracted to such men--and these men to them-- because of what has been labeled by psychotherapists as codependency.

Now, while a woman can't  expect to change her partner (although many of us have certainly tried to do so), she can certainly seek to change herself. Therefore, this same website has articles about codependency and how to become codependent-no-more. (You can find links to these websites among my articles links to the left of this page if you wish to visit them at a later time.)

In addition to my non-fiction writing, I have also engaged in writing fiction--both short stories that would, for the most part, fall into the category of flash fiction because of their brevity, as well as I have completed manuscripts for two novels. Well, I probably need to go through the one an additional time, but the other is ready to be shown to literary agents. Anyway, this is why at this site I've chosen to present the more creative side of myself as well as introduce the professional me. You'll note I've posted stories centered around relationships and some of the challenges faced at different life stages. Since I wish to help people through both my non-fiction and fiction writing, I hope you'll find then inspirational, educational, heart-warming, or experience them in yet another way that proves beneficial. (Perhaps in the not-to-distant future, you'll see promotional pieces for my novels at this site as well!)

Embracing My Creative Side

To get started walking down this new pathway for me, let me say that I feel I've lived multiple lives within one life. In fact, I feel like a human who has lived nine lives. But when it comes to embracing the creative side of myself (which had always been there, but I came to ignore it), another way I now think about my life is as having a pre-Italy period, the Italy period, and the post-Italy period.

See, other than in childhood and my youth, I did not embrace the creative side of myself (the pre-Italy period). Then, during the Italy period, I drafted those two novels. During the post-Italy period, I came to write The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship (published by Adams Media which is now a Simon and Schuster imprint, and hence, I'm officially a Simon and Schuster author). However, I also completed another self-help book which yet languishes in "the cloud" since personal matters and changes in my life caused me to change my priorities for a number of years. Nevertheless, in the post-Italy period, I've kept polishing the manuscripts for those two novels. Hence, I do truly feel ready now to find a literary agent.

Anyway, I hope that what you find here at this website proves interesting. That said, if you really want to be introduced to Dr. Diane England, read about me at my other websites. Then again, you'll learn something about me by reading my short stories (perhaps more than I really want you to know, if I were to really think about it). Oh, and you can read about my fist days in the Italy period by clicking on the link to the right about the lesson served Italian-style.

Thanks for stopping by, and try to stay awhile!